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Adam Korcsmáros
A magyar piac számára. Kommunikáció az ügyfelekkel, műszaki támogatás, megrendelések, garancia és jótállás utáni szerviz. +421 910 481 853

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Al včelnica
Bardejov, Slovenská republika
Bc. Jaroslav Mauer
Jevíčkovo, Česká republika
DrevonaKK, s.r.o.
Kežmarok, Slovenská republika
Ing. Vladimír Glaser
Ořech, Česká republika
Jakub Matej - Le Marché
Nová Dubnica, Slovenská republika
Luboš Hataj
Měcholupy, Česká republika
Mandy, spol. s. r. o.
Považská Bystrica, Slovenská republika
Roman Frána
Vrchlabí, Česká republika
Včelárske potreby - Jozef Rusnaček
Stará Ľubovňa, Slovenská republika
Včelařství pod Vinnou horou - Hlučín
Hlučín, okr. Opava, Česká republika
Včely pod KletíI
Křemže, Česká republika
Zdenka Koppová
Drahanovice, Česká republika

We are looking for business intermediaries

In 2012, we have started with developing the system and technologies for beekeepers with the idea to ease their work, save some money and improve the quality of services. We have used our long-term experience and by gradual development, we have created an unbeatable product  ,, Inteligentní včelín''.

We offer universal plastic and wooden-stainless steel hive scales and whole assemblies of plastic hives with integrated hive scales and additional electronics in plastic supers. PLASTIC hive scales with the security system, is produced in 3 variants

  1. Local scales with the display  .......... 2525 CZK
  2. Remote scales GSM with the display  .......... 4845 CZK
  3. Remote scales with additional scales with the display  .......... 6630 CZK

Wooden-STAINLESS steel hive with the security system in 3 variants 

  1. Local scales with the display  ..........2525 CZK
  2. Remote scales GSM with the display  ..........4973 CZK
  3. Remote scales with additional scales with the display ..........7013 CZK


  1. Hive assembly MAX with remote hive scales GSM .......... 9180 CZK
  2. Hive assembly KOMPLET+ with remote hive scales GSM .......... 9741 CZK
  3. Hive scales DADANT+ with remote hive scales GSM  .......... 10 838 CZK

 We produce plastic hives with integrated electronics as the only company on the market. Universal hive scales are currently the best solution, regarding their price and functionality, which is appreciated by every passionate beekeeper, who loves this hobby and deals with it through our products.

Therefore, we would like to ask you and offer you the possibility to intermediate the sale of our scales.

Cooperation suggestion

The entire agenda, i.e. marketing, the shop, administration, orders, invoicing, warranty and post-warranty service, would be on the side of the producer – our party. Your task would be to react on customer needs – beekeepers; to inform them about the product features; to register orders; or to communicate with the customer and pass the information on us. From the purchase thanks to the order made through you or our online shop via by-you-recommended customer, you will get the commission of 5% from the purchase price. If you are interested in getting a sample product to your shop, we can provide it to you with the discount of 50%. We will be ready to publish the contact data of your shop on our website – department of intermediated sale for Czech Republic.

We believe our offer will be interesting for you and we are looking forward to our cooperation.

If you have any questions or need further info, do not hesitate to contact us.

Cooperation with beekeeping organizations.

Cooperation suggestion

We offer you unbeatable 30% discount on a sample product for your organization – any type of hive scales; or 15% discount on hive assembly according to your choice. If you decide for a partnership with us, we will publish your organization on our website, which can be one of options for the promotion of your organization. We would like to cooperate with you long-term and to share the development and research processes, solving the issues of bees and beekeeping.

We believe our offer will be interesting for you and we are looking forward to the cooperation with you.

If you have any questions or need any additional info, do not hesitate to contact us.